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Artek’s new operations in the UK

Artek is expanding its sales operations in the UK. Last autumn, the company opened its new European headquarters, “Mondial Home”, in Berlin, and now it is time to expand in the British market.

An icon of modern design, Alvar Aalto’s three-legged Stool 60 celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. As one of the best-known design items in the world, Stool 60 is the quintessential piece of the Artek collection. In London, the anniversary year will kick off with the announcement of a new collaboration with its longtime partner, Skandium.

Artek strongly believes in growth in the consumer market. In order to be able to serve its new clientele and improve distribution, Artek will step up its cooperation with Skandium. From 1 March 2013, Skandium will be acting as Artek’s retail sales agent in the UK. The Artek operation featuring a showroom presentation will be based at the Skandium head office.

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