Daniel Rybakken exhibition at the Helsinki Design Museum

Poetry meets utilitarianism

A commitment to aesthetics and composition

Until 26 August 2018, visitors to Helsinki’s Design Museum will encounter “Daylight & Objects”, an exhibition presenting the work of Daniel Rybakken. Renowned for his innovative lighting designs, for years the Norwegian designer applied himself almost exclusively to the study and replication of natural daylight, both its appearance and subconscious effects.

Light and shade are essential materials to Rybakken
Seen together, Rybakken’s work is typified by both playfulness and rigour​

The exhibition showcases lighting designs alongside objects by Rybakken, including his Mirror 124°, Coat Rack and Stand. This juxtaposition allows for an appreciation of the seam of poetry that runs like a thread through the designer’s work. This poetry, alongside a rigorous approach to technology and engineering and a sense of play are characteristic of Rybakken, whose collection for Artek – including objects on display at the Design Museum – debuted in 2017.

Photos: Daniel Rybakken

Photos: Daniel Rybakken

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