Artek at imm cologne 2019

Artek dedicates its fair presence to the Atelier Chair, a universal wooden chair by TAF Studio

Artek Imm 2019 Booth Front Photo Roman Thomas
Creative vision meets high-quality craftsmanship
Artek Imm 2019 Booth Side Photo Roman Thomas
Slender proportions and geometric lines

At imm cologne 2019, Artek presents Atelier Chair, a universal wooden chair that was designed by TAF Studio for the new restaurant of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.
By means of materials and composition the photogenic installation by the Swedish design and architecture studio highlights the characteristics of the Atelier Chair. Elevated on perforated steel podiums, the chair appears to be almost weightless. Its presentation from different angles is reminiscent of technical drawings, while the aluminium cladding of the space offers a contrast to the careful craftsmanship that went into the wooden chair. A group of chairs demonstrates the stackability of the product, suggesting practical usage in different kinds of spaces.

Artek at imm cologne 2019
14 – 20 January 2019
Monday – Saturday: 09h – 18h
Sunday: 09h – 17h
Hall 2.2 Stand A010

Photography: Roman Thomas

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