124° - Artek on Skeppsholmen

Artek premieres new collection by Daniel Rybakken at Stockholm Design Week

Total view of the Artek 124° installation at Stockholm Design Week. Photo: © Gustav Karlsson Frost.

From 7th to 11th February 2017, the installation “124° – Artek on Skeppsholmen” showcases the new collection by Daniel Rybakken at the dance theatre MDT located on the island of Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm.

Two new families of furniture and accessories by Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken address the question of what it is to be a contemporary Artek product. The Kiila range of storage and seating and the 124° series of mirrors cleverly utilise systems of industrial manufacture in their making and explore the point at which art and technology converge. These new designs articulate key Artek philosophies in a fresh and original design language.

The installation design by architecture office Meyer-Grohbrügge from Berlin is keeping with the current program of MTD as a space for performances, transforming the furniture of Artek into a stage design to be inhabited by its visitors.
Derived from the 124 degree angle at which the central pieces of the exhibition – Daniel Rybakken’s mirrors – are made, the stage is similarly split creating three distinctive settings.

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