Ovalette Table oak_1_WEB

Ovalette Table

Designer: Ilmari Tapiovaara

Year: 1954

Combining an oval table top with a dramatic crossed-leg frame, the Ovalette Table makes an elegant and striking addition to any room. The slim tapering legs evoke traditional Finnish design, while their diagonal setting draws the eye. Ilmari Tapiovaara wanted to ensure that his designs were lightweight and easy to transport; to that end, the table top is made from birch plywood with either an oak or walnut veneer.

Armchair 401 402 Ovalette Table_2
Ovalette pictured with Armchair 402 and Armchair 401
Solid walnut, solid oak
Top core:
Solid walnut and plywood, solid oak and plywood
Top surface:
Walnut veneer, oak veneer

Made in Finland

    Available in walnut or oak.

    Ovalette Table oak_1_WEB

    Ovalette Table
    Frame: oak, waxed
    Top: oak, waxed

    Ovalette Table walnut

    Ovalette Table
    Frame: walnut, waxed
    Top: walnut, waxed