So far and yet so close

So far and yet so close


Beauty for the everyday, nature and traditional crafts- qualities that connect Japan and Finland. On the occasion of Finland’s centenary of Independence Artek opened the FIN/100 pop up store in Tokyo.

A Finnish log house has appeared in Tokyo. At 21_21 Design Sight Gallery 3, the space designed by architect Tadao Ando, rays of sunlight fall through the windows. They illuminate wooden beams, highlight the concrete lines of the gallery architecture, and create a striking interplay of light and shadow. Nothing embodies Nordic culture better than this harmonious contrast.  It’s the perfect setting for a showcase of Finnish design in Tokyo.

A symbol of Finnish leisure culture forms the centrepiece of the FIN/ 100 pop up store

Japan and Finland share a fond appreciation of mindful design: an object should be as complex as necessary but as intuitive as possible. Both cultures appreciate the authenticity that occurs when natural materials are sourced and manufactured using traditional techniques. Products are carefully chosen to become long-term companions. These common values are the reason for the unparalleled popularity that Nordic design enjoys in Japan and mean Artek products have long been made welcome in the country.

Firewood and cosy textiles create a home-like corner

This popularity was a deciding factor in choosing to celebrate one of Finland’s biggest milestones, the centenary of Independence, with the FIN/100 pop up store here in Japan.

A place of encounters

FIN/100 follows the curatorial concept “neutral”. It describes a moment of stillness and silence in the “sininen hetki”, the blue moment, between darkness and day. The concept, executed under the creative management of Takanori Hayashi [Polar Inc.] and Wataru Kumano, inspired the product selection as well as a series of accompanying events. “100 Episodes” takes visitors on a journey through Finnish design, fashion, music, art, economics and literature now and tomorrow. One can join artist talks, product presentations by designers like Daniel Rybakken and Johanna Gullichsen and workshops with Company, a Helsinki-based product design duo.

The store displays selected products of like-minded Finnish brands

FIN/100 is open until 25 December, hosting a selection of Artek products and designs by other Finnish brands such as Flora of Finland, Iittala/Arabia, Johanna Gullichsen, Kauniste Finland, Lapuan Nakurit and Lumi. For details of FIN/100 and 100 Episodes visit:

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