Re-Webbing Guide

A guide to renewing the webbing upholstery of your Artek furniture

Early on in his career Alvar Aalto adopted webbing belts as alternative to classic upholstery. Ever since, webbing - a natural material made of 100% linen with a low consumption of resources - has been an elegant way to cover furniture with a slim silhouette.


After several years of use, webbing may lose its tension upon which it needs to be replaced. Since Artek’s furniture is designed with longevity in mind, the webbing can easily be renewed, ensuring that the product goes through several life cycles.

This guide lists all specifications needed for re-webbing, as well as a step-by-step instruction for professional upholsterers to re-web Alvar Aalto’s Chair 611. Find the PDF version of this guide for your local upholsterer here.

The linen webbing belts are available in rolls of 50 meters, enabling local upholstery workshops to re-web products. The belts are made of 100% natural linen, woven in Germany with Italian yarn. They do not receive any chemical- and anti-stain treatment.

The linen belts are developed for optimized stretch behaviour and longer lasting upholstery through the use of extra twisted yarn and an additional pre-stretching step. They are available in the following six colours:

The minimum order quantity for linen webbing is 50 meters. The following quantities are needed for re-webbing:

*These products are no longer in production.

For ordering linen webbing belts, please locate your closest Artek distributor.