124° Mirror

The Poetry of Light

124° Rybakken mirror with tray - photo Zara Pfeifer

Where do art and technology converge? Can industrial manufacturing produce poetic simplicity?

A new family of mirrors provides fresh answers to these age-old questions: Artek is pleased to present the 124° series by Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken.

Rybakken dedicated himself to the study of natural daylight

For years, the young designer applied himself almost exclusively to the study and replication of natural daylight, both its appearance and subconscious effects.

This long training can be felt in the 124° mirrors, which create an unexpected dual-aspect reflection of the surrounding space.

Made of two faces of polished sheet steel placed 124 degrees apart, they punctuate the wall with their strong form and fragments of refracted light. Functional objects with an artistic flair, these unmistakably sculptural pieces are much in keeping with the Artek spirit.

The designer shares Artek’s fundamental interest in bringing together the realms of art and technology

Though just over 30, Rybakken has already left a powerful and innovative mark on the Scandinavian design scene. In 2017, he was awarded the prestigious Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize by the Röhsska Museum.

Celebrating Rybakken for “rais[ing] design to a higher philosophical level,” the award committee took special note of the “poetic and magical effects” of his work.

Combining utilitarian construction with lyrical design, the designer’s 124° mirrors rearticulate key Artek philosophies in a sensitive and subtle formal language.

The 124° Mirror is simple yet playfully poetic
Capturing unexpected reflections and fragments of refracted light

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