Fashion in Helsinki

Sofia Ilmonen, Festival d’Hyères finalist 2021 Artek Helsinki window, Keskuskatu 1B, Helsinki

photo Veikko Kähkönen

Sofia Ilmonen is a fashion design graduate at Aalto University. Her master’s thesis collection ‘Same Same but Different’ is presented in the window of the Artek Helsinki store on May 22-June 5, 2021.

The core idea of the master’s thesis collection ‘Same Same but Different’ lies in modular design concept which seeks to enable garments own longevity through the unique structure, yet uniform shape of the modules. The modular clothes also entail a promise of fashion novelty, as the identical square shape of each pattern piece does not determinate the function on the garment later on, hence can reassembled in new ways again and again. The silhouettes of all the collection garments are created by folding and gathering the squares into shape. The modules are assembled together with a button and loop mechanism which allows endless modifications or complete transformations on the style without sewing. The building blocks of the garment stays the same, but the form can be different with just a move of a button.

Fashion in Helsinki has established itself as the leading international event of Finland’s fashion industry, with screenings, presentations, exhibitions and discussions. The main themes are responsibility and ethical consumption, creativity and young designers.

The forest green dress is constructed of 12 square modules. Photo Veikko Kähkönen
The fuchsia dress is constructed of 26 square modules. Photo Veikko Kähkönen

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