Furniture and glass by Aino and Alvar Aalto

Join the Artek 2nd Cycle for an overview of the couple's most successful designs

Artek’s 40th anniversary poster, designed in 1975 by Ben af Schultén

Artek 2nd Cycle presents a selection of Aalto furniture depicted on Artek’s 40th anniversary poster by Ben af Schultén from 1975. Ben af Schultén’s far-reaching work as Artek’s Artistic Director comprised numerous interior and furniture designs as well as a vast array of graphic design.

In this exhibition, Aalto’s iconic furniture designs return from af Schultén’s two-dimensional graphic print to their three-dimensional form. The exhibited pieces, many of which are part of Artek’s permanent collection, are also a celebration of the company’s rich design heritage spanning from 1935 to the present and beyond. This part of the exhibition is designed by Korpijärvi Johansson and TSTO.

The exhibition displays many of Alvar Aalto's furniture designs alongside his wife's glass works

In the second part of the exhibition, Artek 2nd Cycle showcases a comprehensive private collection of Bölgeblick utility glass designed by Aino Aalto for Karhula Glassworks in the 1930s. The extensive collection belongs to the dedicated Aalto researcher and architect Igor Herler, who also designed the installation. The collection is shown in public for the first time.

​Aino Aalto's iconic plate, designed for Karhula glassworks in the 1930s​

Currently available at Artek 2nd Cycle