Artek Archive

Artek is looking back to a history of more than 80 years. From the beginning and until today, experiments with production methods and material as well as cultural projects at the intersection of architecture, design and the arts inspire the brand’s furniture, lighting and accessories. These influences are treasures that are ongoingly explored by the 2nd Cycle team in exchange with the Alvar Aalto foundation.

Nils-Gustav Hahl published "About art and art industry" with Artek in 1935

Our 2nd Cycle team undertakes research into subjects as varied as former production methods, the provenance of individual items of furniture, and historical projects in which Artek was involved. In their work, they unearth stories, make discoveries, and collect information relating to all aspects of Artek’s heritage.

An artist's photographic interpretation of Alvar Aalto's range of chairs, photographer unknown

The actual Artek company archive is embedded within the Alvar Aalto Museum holdings in Jyväskylä, Finland. It comprises furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories as well as a vast collection of drawings, interior and construction plans, photography, and business documents from Artek’s founding years.

Some highlights from the archive are presented at the Artek 2nd Cycle store