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The Stool 60 is 80 years old
Space by Klein Dytham architecture

The collaboration between Artek and Dover Street Market continues at Dover Street Market Ginza in Tokyo in October 2013. Artek is an international pioneer of modern design whose iconic product, Stool 60 designed by architect Alvar Aalto, turns a venerable 80 this year. The main event to celebrate the anniversary of the stool will be held in the “Elephant Space” for which the acclaimed design practice Klein Dytham architecture has created a fascinating installation, ‘Elephant in the Grass’.

“The 'Elephant in the Grass' was inspired by the iconic Artek stool with its elegant legs, which appear almost like blades of grass, which contrast with the mass of the elephant. By extending the legs of the stool we have made the blades of grass longer - as if the elephant was in the swaying Savannah grass. The twist with the installation is the stools act as a way to step up and ride on the elephant's golden Artek stool!”
- Klein Dytham architecture

The installation by architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham presents a combination of art, architecture and design. At Ginza Tokyo, the classic of modernist design, the light-weight Stool 60, encounters the world’s heaviest land mammal, the always sympathetic elephant. Elephant by the British artist Stephanie Quayle has become an iconic part of Dover Street Market. Originally at Dover Street Market London, it was later moved to Tokyo in 2012, in line with the opening of Dover Street Market Ginza.

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